The manifestation of my VOGUE & TATLER Love Story

The campaign New Years Nuptuals

WHAT A dream come true and more!!

One year ago today to the date 20th December 2021 I put a vision board together of my asspirations, goals, I mapped out a whole vision of the year I wanted for 2022! I wanted to be featured in some way in Vogue I just didn't know how! I have worked extremely hard for my career to get me where I am today and I have sacrificed so many things throughout my life and career too! The vogue dream has been since I was a teen when I picked up my first ever VOGUE at 18 years old (after watching my first ever Sex And The City) not only did I watch Carrie Bradshaw fall in love with Mr Big but making something for herself and something that she believed in herself her dream coming true and working for VOGUE) that's when I fell in love with VOGUE!!

I have always wanted to be featured in some way I wasn't sure how I would ever get in there but that was the goal that I set my mind to! 2 months ago I was approached by Vogue to be featured in there 3 month campaign 'New Years Nuptials' whos going to turn down VOGUE!! It certainly as hell was not me!

What a magical coincidence a year to that date of my visual i'm now being featured in the December Vogue issue in which I manifested and brought into my reality of putting in all my hard work in this the year of truly knowing how worthy, deserving and dedicated I put my whole life into a world that I get to call mine! I am being featured in my first ever VOGUE magazine December 20th 2022! I guess dreams and goals only work if you have a vision and really put yourself out there and put all the hard work in for something that you you truly want and believe that you deserve!