Welcome to my world. Viola's World!

Who is she, you ask?

I am Violette.

I’m a photographer, a director, a creator and an artist.

When I get behind the lens there is no need for you to feel nervous about where to stand or how to position yourself. I will make you feel completely relaxed and at ease on your big day so your vision for your wedding photos can come to life.

Your whole experience with me will be memorable, remarkable, fun, and filled with laughter. You’ll be able to look back at your photos and enjoy them forever.

Whether you’re looking for posed photos or natural and candid shots, (or both!) - one thing is for sure, it is all about YOU.

I love meeting new people - that has to be one of the most amazing parts of my job. I will go ‘all out’ for you because I care about how you feel. You can count on me to think about all those little sentimental things that mean so much to you.

Get in touch on my contact page or send me a message on social media.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Wild & EXTRA!

Yes, I am extra, wild, and so much fun! Within five minutes I’ll be chewing your ear off and asking how you fell in love and how you met! I’ve never played it safe in my life. I’ve always wanted unique photos and to try so many different poses. I will get you both to connect in photos in a way that only I can visualise you both together! Taking you out of your comfort zone is all part of the creative process. I shoot and capture images as well as feelings, and I promise your photos will be something you can look back on and remember your day and the way you felt like it was yesterday! I want my couples to feel closer, connected, remember why they fell in love, and remember their experience with me!

I have an edge!

I'll be honest, I have no filter. I sometimes think I'm a comedian - but I know I'm (please just go with it so we can enjoy laughing together). I'm also a massive F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and will often randomly quote from the entire series.

Deep down, I am a hopeless romantic, and, yes I will well up behind the camera during your ceremony and speeches!

Basically, I'm the best friend you never had who will make you laugh and make you feel at ease. Your photos will never be boring because as soon as I see the perfect shot I'll let you know... "don't move, that's the killer shot".

My motto has always been: treat yourself as the main character, it is your story after all!

I shoot my stories and photography as if it was one big movie - and you're the star of the show! I think it's important to constantly take photos and not just on the ‘odd occasion’. We should celebrate every little victory, even if it’s getting out of bed or buying something that only YOU love that you can't wait to show off to the world!

I encourage everyone to be as extra as they possibly can. All that's left when we're gone is photos and film for people to remember us. But if you can influence someone’s life or change their perspective now, then the world will be a better place. 

Let me tell your love story through my eyes only


Love letters about me!
Charli & Aron

I had been admiring Violette’s work for a while so when she said she was able to photograph our wedding I was so so excited. From the very first time I spoke with Violette she made me feel at ease and like I had known her for years. Violette was absolutely amazing on our wedding day, she made everyone feel comfortable when having their photo taken and we've had guests specifically say to us how great they thought she was too.
Our preview photos of our wedding day are absolutely beautiful.

Charli & Aron

Thank you so much, we will never be able to thank you for what you did for us and our wedding situation! You are truly amazing at what you do and the care and love you put into everything you do is shown in the gorgeous work you produce. The photos of our wedding are just amazing, you brought a tear to our eyes, you made us both feel so relaxed and comfortable with having our photos taken which for people that hate it shows something, you were there every step of the way and always so supportive."

Hanna & ash