Have a read below of all the common questions I get asked all the time!

It can always be a bit daunting not knowing what to ask so that is where I come in with 4 years experienced in weddings, styled and events! Any question small or big I am happy to answer so please feel free to ask extra questions in your email or even when we have our meeting face to face or on facetime! I look forward to meeting you all!

All my love V



How do you photograph weddings?

For me this is something so special and every wedding is so different which is something i'll be able to tell for you through my eyes only. I think it's important always to tell people how we feel, express our emotions which is what I am here for to leave your legacy behind in your images and feelings! I love being by your side to help you before your wedding day I am not just a photographer but more like a friend that can bring your dream to life, I can be there to hold things, fix things, bring the tissues if you need a moment, i'm the comedian to make you laugh and direct and guide you throughout your epic day. I'll send you a guide to help you organizing your day, the best moments for the couple photos, the different lights... and it's really exciting for me to receive photos of your dress, shoes, invits so I can visualise your iconic day...! On your wedding day, all I want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and the all in between and the details that make your wedding unique. My style is a mixture between I love dark and moody tones but also I love full white tones too so you will always have a mixture of not only emoutions but the balance of the 2 is everything for me! I also love to grab you both for some timeout for you both to have not only your beautiful photos in golden hour, after ceremony but I also love to grab you for the bougie flash aesthetic feel too but to just take it all in (I tend to let you have 20 mins after photos with me to be on your own and I always recommended even if you go for a walk on the grounds or just head to your honeymoon suite room and actually spend some time together)

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 12 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the online gallery but also share them with close family and friends who shared your special day with you, choose your favorites, and also order extra prints and albums separately! I post your USB and gift box out the same week as the full online gallery is online!

I also love to send a preview gallery out to you so that you have something to post or even just for you 2 to share between yourselves until you get the full gallery arrive.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm East Sussex and on the outskirts of London based in UK and yes I love to travel! If you want me to photograph your beautiful love story, it will require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place. But no worries, I always try to find the cheapest way to come because I love the way that my job allowed me to travel all around the world to tell your LOVE STORY!!

How many pictures will we receive?

For a 12 hours coverage wedding, you will receive is up to 1300 -1500 fully edited images. I always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why I will choose the best and more significant photos to tell your beautiful love story, if your wedding is half the day the images may be a lot less and that is including engagement and boudoir this would not be 1500 images rather than what I can capture on the 2 hours of your shoot.

I don't like to have a limit on giving images it can vary each time, however to me growing up photos where so important to me and both my grandad and great grandad were film photographers and had there own dark rooms so I just love the whole feel that your families and great families will potentially see all these too! We have no idea how long we are put on this earth to figure out life and inbetween the road we make a million memories and I think it is so important to document the most important moments and people - so the reason I dont put a limit too much on it is because a photo to me may not be as important to someone else and that is my job and why I love it, seeing people fall in love with the whole part of enjoying being in the moment too is soooo important to me!