A View into Viola's world

I'm fueled by caffeine and the belief that not only does true love exist, but it's also all around us.

I strongly believe in the Butterfly Effect. It's the notion that the world is deeply interconnected and one seemingly small occurrence can influence a much larger event.

Have you ever wondered why things turn out the way they do? It's because that's how they're supposed to map out. Meeting your special someone is no accident. Everything happens for a reason!

I also believe that the Universe will always have your back. Your side of the bargain is to believe that something wonderful is about to happen. It could be as simple as meeting a new person, not necessarily for love, but everyone we meet guides us on our path!

My Approach:

I’m the type of girl who will take a photo of a couple in a nightclub because love is everywhere, and one day that photo might take centre stage at their wedding to mark the ‘first night they met’.

I’m the type of girl who will offer to take a family photo so they can all be in it, rather than one of the family members assuming the role of the photographer because I believe it’s important to show up for every moment!

I’m the type of girl who will photograph every single moment of my life. My friends and family know me as 'flash and thunder', the one who takes the photos and is rarely in them (but hey, that’s what selfies were invented for, right!).

My Style

Photography isn't about telling people where to stand, it's about creating an experience. An experience where you can be together, be present in the moment, have fun, laugh, act like best friends, and remember why you fell in love.

I like to shoot as if I were shooting you in your at home. I will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and be yourself with each other. Yes, grab her bum. Yes, snog his face off. I love my shoots to be really romantic, passionate, and in the moment!

I am daring, and if I see a scene or shot, I have to have it. You'll often hear me say "yesssss, do that again, stay in that shot, this is the moment." I'm basically your hype girl

I guess I shoot love how I've always envisioned it (it takes me back to the romantic films I used to watch in the 90's. I am a hopeless romantic at heart.

I can see through the wedding day controlled chaos, to reveal all of the beauty of your unique love story. That's what makes life so meaningful and I am so lucky to be able to tell your story!