The Love Letter special package

The importance of a Love Letter and to let your loved ones is so so important that we not only keep the texts, the whatsapps and the voicenote but writing how we feel about a person feels really intimate, romantic, real, personal and what your write is personal to how you feel in the now and the present moment about the person that you love! There's no deleting it from a draft on an iphone or writing on a laptop but being real and honest and open to the world with how you feel!

If you have someone that makes you laugh never let them go!

Viola's world

I have launched a special product which is for you 2 only! Something really personal to me and I feel we should write how we feel more often into a piece of paper.

Included :

  • Both of you writing on a a4 piece of paper sent by me
  • Image from your engagement, wedding day or on my couples shoot including all your love letter writing embossed over your image
  • x 1 Print A3
  • x 2 Polaroid prints
  • Digitally sent